Tuition Discount Policy

Corporate partner employees and their family members may be eligible for a tuition discount only at academic institutions with which AllCampus has a valid and enforceable corporate partnership contract. The entities included in this program are included on this AllCampus Corporate Partners Portal. Please note, as reflected on this portal that the tuition discount is applicable only to the online version of the programs and not the on campus version of the programs or programs that fall outside of the AllCampus Network. This information can be located on the above-referenced portal.

Additionally, some academic institutions may elect to issue reimbursements rather than discounts on a student’s bill. In these cases, students will initially be responsible for paying the full tuition amount, and will later receive a reimbursement for the percentage reflected on the portal. Students will be required to sign up for a free PayPal account, as reimbursement will be processed via PayPal.

Students will not receive a tuition discount on any courses taken in an on-ground format. Additionally, students must begin a program online to be eligible for a tuition discount (i.e. if a student begins a program on campus and later switches to an online version of the program, the student is not eligible for a tuition discount).

For those programs offering group discounts, group discounts apply at the company level, not at the benefits provider level. Group discounts are available to new students only.

For programs offered by The George Washington University: certain restrictions apply. Employees of Lockheed Martin and Huntington Ingalls Industries (including Newport News Shipbuilding) are not eligible for reduced tuition pricing on the online engineering management or systems engineering programs. Employees of Raytheon are not eligible for reduced tuition pricing on the online cybersecurity policy and compliance, electrical engineering, engineering management or systems engineering programs. Anyone who is or was previously enrolled in a graduate program at The George Washington University is not eligible for reduced tuition pricing on any of these programs offered by The George Washington University.

For registrants of the Vanderbilt Business Management Certificate, reduced tuition pricing is only available to those who register for the full certificate program. Reduced tuition pricing will not be available on a per-course basis.

To determine whether your family member is eligible for the discount, please see the definition of family member below, as not all members of an individual’s residence will qualify as a “family member” for tuition discount purposes. AllCampus may request reasonable materials to verify a familial or domestic partnership relationship before awarding the tuition discount. You may contact a member of the internal AllCampus administrative staff or check this AllCampus Corporate Partners Portal to determine the rate of the discount and to determine whether you are eligible. Note that the rate of the discount shall not be greater for any corporate partner or family member than another.

In order to be eligible for and receive the corporate partner tuition discount you as the applicant must apply to and be admitted to the institution according to the same admission standards as all other non-corporate partner applicants. Stated otherwise, corporate partner applicants and their families will not receive more favorable or less favorable treatment or review than non-corporate partner applicants but are subject to the same admission standards as all other prospective students. Please see the AllCampus Corporate Partners Portal as well as the educational entity’s admission requirements for a list of prospective student requirements.

Furthermore, applying candidates must mention the corporate discount and inquire about eligibility at the start/commencement of the application process. Failure to mention or inquire about the possible corporate discount upon the commencement of the application will result in a waiver of the corporate discount and AllCampus may withhold the tuition discount in instances where the discount is not initially mentioned by the applicant.

You may come across certain corporate discount promotional materials mentioning the corporate discount. However, some materials may no longer apply as they may have expired with the expiration of the corporate partnership contract between AllCampus and the educational entity. It should be noted that the corporate discount is contingent upon AllCampus maintaining an active corporate partnership contract with the educational entity to which you are applying. Please note that in many instances, AllCampus’s contract with the entity to which you seek to apply may have expired or otherwise no longer be in effect. Thus, the corporate discount is not available. The tuition discount is not available if the program is not listed on this AllCampus Corporate Partners Portal. If any formerly applicable corporate partnership contract has expired any promotional materials regarding the contract are deemed null, void and expired. Please continue checking the AllCampus Corporate Partners Portal for a complete and updated list of the programs eligible for the tuition discount. Materials found outside of the AllCampus Corporate Partners Portal may not be up-to-date and therefore, should not be relied upon providing the partnership and availability of possible tuition discounts between AllCampus and the educational entity to which you seek entrance.

Equal Opportunity: Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation.

Our institutions comply with all state and federal ANTI-discrimination laws. This applies to all applicants whether corporate partner or non-corporate partner. Our Institution acknowledges its ethical and statutory responsibility to afford equal treatment and equal opportunity to all persons and thus complies with all applicable laws and directives which promulgate non-discrimination and equality of opportunity. In keeping with the spirit and letter of the law, and prohibits discrimination and harassment against its employees, students, and applicants based on race, gender, religion, age, national ancestry of origin, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, sources of income, military discharge status, genetic information, or any other protected class as described by federal, state and local statutes. This institution also bars retaliation against an employee, student, or applicant who files a good faith complaint of discrimination under this policy.

Our institution as well as the educational entities that we service are devoted to an environment of mutual respect and inclusion where all individuals are valued for who they are and what they can contribute and in turn, are expected to be participatory members of an active learning community that promotes cultural awareness, competence, and understanding of diversity. All members of the community are asked to affirm and embrace the commitment to and understand and respect individual and cultural differences. We seek to reflect this in our admissions policies for corporate and non-corporate partners alike.

Access to ADA Accommodations for all Admitted Students. In pursuit of its mission and in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, this Institution is committed to providing qualified students with disabilities equal access to academic courses, programs, and school activities. A student seeking accommodation for a disability should contact the member as listed in the Student Handbook upon acceptance to the institution. The decision as to what accommodation(s), if any, will be provided lies with the school in accordance with the guidelines listed in the student handbook. Corporate discounts shall not be withheld based upon a candidates ADA status.

A family member is defined as a spouse, a child related by blood or marriage, or a same gender or opposite gender domestic partners, parents, grandparents and so on. Family may be defined as any individuals who would legally be defined as family and thus also eligible for coverage under the employee’s health insurance coverage would be considered a family member for these purposes. Non related roommates, friends and other non-familial members are not eligible even if they share a residence and do not qualify for the corporate partner discount.